The Brief

JCB is one of India’s leading construction and material handling equipment manufacturers. They wanted to launch the 455ZX, a wheeled loader that was a premium entrant in the ‘Heavy Line’ segment of JCB. We were required to create an AV for the launch of this premium machine that would make the TG aware of its multiple benefits and influence their buying decision.

Our Approach

How do you assure the viewer that the product isn’t all just about premium looks and grandeur, but actually lives up to its claims? The JCB 455ZX is positioned as ‘A great business decision’. With that in mind, we wanted to create an AV that not only showcased the features of the machine but convinced the viewer that it was indeed a great business decision to invest in one. We wanted it to stand apart from the usual product launch AVs and have a lasting impact on the audience. In order to achieve this, we decided to capture the machine in action, in real-life situations, demonstrating exactly what it’s capable of.

The Execution

Upon exploring the usage of the 455ZX loader in the best-suited industries, we decided to shoot the film at a quarry, as the conditions would be challenging enough for the machine to prove its mettle. It was necessary to showcase its robustness through long work-hours, which is why we documented the journey of the machine through a 24-hour work cycle. The various attributes of the 455ZX were displayed as we showed the machine in action. We used the finest cinematographic equipment in order to provide an unparalleled Audio Visual experience. The AV was packaged to deliver a wow factor to all who viewed it.

The Result

The AV debuted at the product launch of the 455ZX at Paridip, to a selected audience of around 100 people. It was also played at JCB’s mid-year conference and showcased on a global platform. The AV was circulated via Whatsapp and a QR code link to it was incorporated in JCB’s 2017 calendar. It was well received by different audiences, globally, and that helped increase awareness about the 455ZX. The AV garnered a total of 20,000 views on YouTube.

To watch the JCB 455ZX launch AV, Click Here