Castrol Spark the Change

The Brief

Castrol India had revamped the packaging of seven of their power products. The packaging was inspired by their new philosophy, ‘Oil in action.’ The brief was to announce to dealers and mechanics about the all-new packaging in an interesting manner. Besides this, Castrol India wanted engagement activities for their dealer community called ‘Anmol Ratn’.

Our Approach

Keeping in mind that Castrol has always been the pioneer in the industry, we had to come up with a larger-than-life way to reflect the same. Since this change in packaging coincided with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s wave of change in society, we came up with a catchy name that evokes a sense of action and embraces modern trends – Spark the Change.

The Execution

As the Castrol Spark the Change campaign was B2B specific, we chose the modern digital platform to drive this initiative forward. The campaign was spread over a period of two months with numerous contests for engagement such as Spark the Change Display Contest, Oil in Action Trivia, Road Safety Slogan Contest, Sticker Design, Dusty Vehicle Art, etc. Taking inspiration from the thought that there are 7 products and 7 days in a week, one day was dedicated to each product. This way each individual product was highlighted.

We created a microsite and a closed group on Facebook to encourage dealers to be a part of the campaign. A lot of on-ground activities were also held accordingly. The communication consisted of emailers, direct mailers, standees, posters, booklet and newsletter.

The Result

The Castrol Spark the Change campaign was a grand success but also become a phenomenon of its own. The Facebook group had a total of 841 members, 3004 conversations, 9731 likes and 1723 comments. The Spark the Change Display Contest received 3846 entries, Selfie with Customer received 173 pictures clicked, the Road Safety Slogan Contest garnered 110 entries, Seed for Change resulted in 17 trees being planted and Kick for Change collected Rs. 8,440. The attractive new packaging was a big hit and we received positive reviews from the dealers about the campaign too.

To see interesting visuals of the campaign, Click Here