Emmyson Rebranding

The Brief

Emmyson Nig. Ltd. is a prominent name in Africa’s specialty chemicals industry that has expanded into various sectors over the years. This group of companies is based in Lagos, Nigeria. We were asked to develop brand and marketing communication that would establish the Emmyson Group as a thought leader in the specialty chemicals space. We were also asked to rebrand its existing products, revise packaging designs, and revamp the brand identity of the group of companies to align with its core purpose.

Our Approach

Our team visited Nigeria and interacted with the brand’s employees and customers, to get an idea of the way they perceived Emmyson. We also gained an idea of the market behaviour. Upon conducting intensive in-depth research, we collected a number of insights that helped us understand the various words, colours, and elements that were integral to Africa. We identified how the Emmyson group and its various brands correlated to each of these elements, colours and words, in order to arrive at their appropriate positioning and visual identities.

The Execution

The intention to propel Africa towards growth is something that lies at Emmyson’s core. Hence, we developed the positioning line ‘Africa Ahead’ for the group. The positioning lines of its brands were derived similarly. The logos we designed for Emmyson aligned with its positioning, as the use of layers in the design represented growth. The colours from the innermost layer of each logo to the outermost one graduate from light shades to dark, to signify that the process of growth is ongoing, and each brand gets stronger as they grow. The packaging designs we created were simplistic as well as elegant, and were aligned with the brand vision.

The Result

The process of re-invigorating the Emmyson group led to an output that synergised the look and feel of each of its brands. This helped to convey the fact that they were all branches of a common entity. The new brand identity and packaging was appreciated and commended by many. It helped the TG connect to the Emmyson Group better, because of the words and imagery used.

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