Godrej Goldilocks Print Ad

The Brief

Godrej Security Solutions introduced Goldilocks, India’s first-of-its-kind personal locker for everyday use. It’s a small, portable safe that comes with an array of features like smart touch panel, anti-theft buzzer, and a smart locking cable. Goldilocks serves as the perfect place to store one’s daily valuables like keys, credit cards, watches, wallet, etc.

We were asked to create a print ad that would bring out the benefits of the product and the idea that it’s the right locker for everyday needs.

Our Approach

One of the biggest problems with most everyday valuables is that they tend to get misplaced easily. Looking for them in the clutter around one’s house can prove to be a tough task. With Goldilocks, one can store all their everyday valuables in one place and seldom have to worry about misplacing them around the house. Its excellent security features also ensure that your personal valuables remain personal and safeguarded from thieves. We wanted to communicate this idea in a visually engaging manner that’d leave a lasting impact on the reader.

The Execution

We created an interactive ad that aroused the reader’s curiosity. The task was to ‘find the missing valuables’ from the clutter, using the special viewing glass provided. This prompted him/her to pick and use it to complete the task, thereby bringing in the engagement factor. Doing this, the viewer walked away with the message: with Goldilocks one no longer needs to scurry for their valuables.

The Result

The ad was published in the June, 2016 edition of ‘Ideal Home’ magazine, India. It had a reach of approximately 3,21,000 people and was well received by the audience.