Godrej Kruna Brochure

The Brief

Godrej Kruna is a premium luxury personal safe. It is a combination of exquisite, artistic looks and a high level of security. The audience for this safe is niche, as the target group consists of upper class individuals who wish to own a premium personal safe in their homes. We were asked to create a brochure that would convey the exclusivity and the safety features of this product.

Our Approach

The Kruna is a masterpiece safe that is as technologically advanced as it is artistic. We wanted to capture this essence of the safe in the brochure’s design. The artistic wave-like pattern embossed on Kruna’s facia has a mesmerising effect on the viewer. Taking inspiration from it, we decided to incorporate elements from the facia into the design, while emphasising on its technologically advanced features.

The Execution

The brochure was given a premium look and feel. Elements of the safe’s facia and beautiful visuals were weaved in throughout the pages. The cover had the artistic pattern of the facia lazer cut into it, adding to its aesthetic appeal. The language used in the copy complemented the visuals, enriching the premium experience.

The Result

The brochure was distributed among a selected audience. It was well received, and conveyed the aesthetic appeal of the safe, effortlessly. The brochure helped establish Kruna as a highly coveted, premium safe.

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