Godrej One Annual BOD Conference

The Brief

The Godrej Group is a USD 4.1 billion company with a rapidly expanding canvas across the globe. Founded in 1897, today this Indian conglomerate has a strong presence across 14 diverse businesses. Every year the Group organizes an Annual Board of Directors Conference which takes place at Godrej One at Vikrohli, Mumbai. The brief was to make the annual conference more interesting and dynamic for the top committee and others attending the event.

Our Approach

Generally, each year, a large-scale presentation was made that covered all the 14 businesses. However, the challenge here was that beyond a point, the attention span of the audience would get diluted. So, we identified three main pillars for the different divisions of Godrej i.e. Work, Home and Infrastructure. Based on key insights, different themes were conceived and aligned under the one umbrella which we rightfully named as ‘Godrej One.’ We came up with a theme for the three verticals. The theme for home was ‘live more’, for work was ‘integrated’ and for infrastructure, it was 'what drives us, drives the nation'.

The Execution

The Godrej One Annual Board of Directors Conference was held in an area of 5,000 square feet. The new three verticals i.e. Home, Work and Infrastructure were segregated in such a way that each one was highlighted. An area space was allotted to each vertical and installations were put up accordingly. The three installations were conceptualized in such a way that they reflected the themes and utilized the Godrej Group's assorted offerings.

The Home theme installation was given a homely touch with a welcoming and energizing look, so as to make one feel just like a new home owner. The Work theme installation depicted the banking and healthcare sector. Lastly, the Infrastructure theme installation represented the energy, defence, and manufacturing and distribution logistics sector. Besides this logo, identities were created to represent each vertical and the overall Godrej One entity.

The Result

The Godrej Group was thrilled with concept and execution of the overall Godrej One Annual Board of Directors Conference. The entire event went smoothly and was a grand success. All those who attended the conference were delighted by the refreshing change in structure. The three verticals – Home, Work, and Infrastructure were taken forward and implemented in other verticals to represent the Godrej Group.

To see interesting visuals of the conference, Click Here