ICICI #FundYourOwnWorth - Edition 2

The Brief

ICICI Bank’s #FundYourOwnWorth was a resounding success in year one. The movement needed to be continued, however with a focus on working women this time around for the Advantage Woman Aura Savings Account.

Our Approach

We were flooded with stories from real women who personified #FundYourOwnWorth in their lives. The overwhelming feeling from listening to all these stories was that women are always told what they can’t do. This became the insight and foundation for a campaign to talk about all the things women are told they can’t do. And how they do them anyway.

The Execution

We designed a campaign to celebrate the indomitable spirit in every woman to prove all her naysayers wrong. Helmed once again by Konkona Sen Sharma, who took to the stage to talk about all the hilarious things she has been told she can’t do, and cheering all women on to #FundYourOwnWorth, because you can!

The Result

The film was very well received at the Advantage Woman Aura Savings Account launch event and on all digital platforms, performing exceptionally well on LinkedIn with engagement that was 5x its benchmark.