ICICI Bank iStartup

The Brief

To establish that ICICI Bank is the most start-up friendly bank in India. There have been stand-alone initiatives taken by some Indian banks for this target segment, but no one has a comprehensive package which supports entrepreneurs through the 4 stages of a start-up, namely Bootstrap, Incubation, Growth & Evolved Stage.

Our Approach

Drama based story-telling, on the same lines as TVF Pitchers. An aspirational and motivational film coupled with a conference where successful start-up founders are invited to address an audience of entrepreneurs with a short product presentation.

The Execution

Our copywriters wrote a peppy song using a combination of spoken word and rap genres to tell a story of a group of young entrepreneurs, who were ably supported by ICICI bank in their journey of creating a music start-up. A music video was shot in a cool ambience with relevant characters which the TG would identify with.

The Result

The music video, wherever screened, was a clutter breaker, was hummable, shareable and hence had a high recall value. Conferences in 6 metro cities gave a direct exposure to over 2500 highly probable target customers who shared the communication in their respective circles. You can have a look at the video here.