JCB 220 LC Xtra

The Brief

The JCB 220LC Xtra is an excavator, unlike any other. It offers endless hours of non-stop performance with high productivity and greater fuel efficiency. These features and many more, gives it an extra advantage over any other excavator. Hence the name JCB 220LC Xtra. This excavator is a part of JCB’s Premier Line Solutions, which gives added benefits to the customer. The core tag line of the product is ‘Go the Xtra Mile’. We were asked to create a product launch AV to showcase the same.

Our Approach

We explored all the features and uses of the JCB 220LC Xtra and the extra benefits it provides the customer. This led to a unanimous opinion that the best way to communicate that one can ‘Go the Xtra Mile’ with this powerful excavator, was by actually showing the viewer how it goes the “extra mile”. Hence, we decided to create an AV that captured the outstanding performance of the machine in real-life situations. An AV of this kind would do all the talking for this product, leaving no doubt about its capabilities and the claim that with the 220LC Xtra, you can go the Xtra mile.

The Execution

Shooting an excavator in action at an actual worksite is challenging, but it was vital to showcase its true potential. We narrowed down on the best-suited industries for the 220LC Xtra and finalised multiple locations. This included an excavation site on a mountain, a granite quarry, and the JCB Jaipur Plant, where the where the machine is actually manufactured. Best-in-class cinematographic equipment were used to deliver stunning audio and video quality. The Xtra elements of the machine such as Xtra care, Xtra efficiency, Xtra control, and Xtra command were displayed and demonstrated throughout the course of the film.

The Result

The launch AV was well received by different audiences, globally. It received over 21,000 views on YouTube. It was also played at JCB’s mid-year conference and showcased on a global platform. The AV was also circulated via Whatsapp (to the intended TG) and a QR code link to it was incorporated in JCB’s 2017 calendar. This helped increase awareness about the JCB 220LC Xtra to a great extent.

To watch the JCB 220LC Xtra launch AV, Click Here