JCB 2017 Calendar

The Brief

JCB’s Premier Line Solutions features a range of heavy duty, superior construction equipment and highly efficient services. The premium account holders are an exclusive group of customers who own equipment from the range of Premier Line Solutions. We were asked to design a calendar for the year 2017, to be distributed to this niche audience.

Our Approach

JCB’s premium account holders are well aware of the sheer power and multiple abilities of the machines they own. The Premier Line Solutions and its services provides the customer with a truly premium experience. These customers are ones that would be interested in investing in additional JCB machines. Hence, the calendar could serve as a platform to increase their awareness about other offerings from JCB. We decided to capture the the grandeur and power of JCB’s hero products in it. Along with a deluxe look and feel, we decided to weave in technologically advanced elements into the calendar design as well.

The Execution

The calendar’s design featured enthralling visuals of 12 hero products from JCB, one for each month. These visuals incorporated high resolution images of each machine in it’s element; doing the work it specializes in. The colour scheme used consisted of rich hues and striking contrasts that gave the calendar an attractive, deluxe look. The calendar was printed on special, high quality paper using special printing methods. Certain elements of the design were embossed in order to accentuate the look and feel. The calendar featured QR codes at the bottom of each page, that allowed one to view product AVs upon scanning them.

The Result

The limited edition JCB 2017 calendar was circulated among an exclusive audience of JCB’s esteemed premium account holders. The aesthetically appealing, powerful visuals of the calendar prompted people to display it in common areas, to be appreciated by one and all. This led to a considerable increase JCB’s brand recall. It also helped spread awareness about the brand’s products and services.

To view the impressive visuals of the JCB 2017 calendar, Click Here