JCB New Products Launch

The Brief

JCB India Limited is a leading manufacturer of earthmoving and construction equipment. Known for their number one product the ‘Backhoe Loader,’ this reputed company holds a market share of 70 - 80% in India in this category. Having established a strong brand recall value in the market, the need of the hour was to promote JCB’s range of products designed for specialized tasks.

As JCB was perceived to be a single product company i.e. manufacturing Backhoe Loaders, they wanted to re-establish themselves in the market and reinforce their partnership with dealers. The communication had to now focus on their three divisions i.e. Backhoe, Material handling, and Heavy line solutions.

Our Approach

Based on research, we realized that the Backhoe division was already established. However, the Material Handling division was new in general, with a small market. On the other hand, the heavy line category was huge and growing at an extremely fast pace. Yet, JCB held just 2 - 3% of the market share with regards to this segment. JCB had to cook up a storm in the other two segments. But in order to achieve this, the company required the support of their dealers (since they are the first touch-point) to move forward. So, we came up with the theme option ‘Transform Together’. The whole idea behind this was they would have to transform the idea the way business is being done and it can only happen when everyone works on it, together.

The Execution

Taking the concept of ‘Transform Together’ forward, we organized a conference in Jaipur for JCB dealers. These dealers have helped JCB establish their stronghold in India. Hence, all the communication collaterals at the event were focused on how JCB and its dealer partners can progress together. The entire conference was structured to give it a motivational feel.

The Result

The conference was a huge success. JCB’s dealers were delighted by this initiative and were thrilled with the concept of ‘Transform Together’. It made them feel a part of the JCB family. Additionally, they were excited to explore the challenges that the sales of the new range would present to them.

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