If one word could describe the advertising scene today, it would surely be ‘Chaos’. Brands are vying for audience attention like never before. And as the saying goes – desperate times call for desperate measures. We have literally seen it all – from a polar bear promoting a wall-care putty brand, to a sticky quirky song playing in loop to promote a pizza offer, and of course tons of cosmetic brands whitewashing our minds with the same old tactics. The question remains – how can we get the audience to stop clicking the ‘skip’ button and stay connected with the brand?


The answer lies in creating a ‘minimalist’ brand mindset. A minimalist approach is a sure shot way to create visually-appealing and arresting brand communication. A minimalist approach to art and copy can easily cut through the clutter of brands shouting for attention. Minimalism is all about saying the least, showing the least and yet creating a striking impact for your TG. When it comes to minimalism in the world of branding, a brand that has successfully married minimalism to their core communication strategy is: APPLE – Think different. Think Minimalism.

Apple as a brand reflects intensively simplified design. Right from the products, to the brand imagery, to their advertisements; the brand has embraced minimalism in its true sense. In turn, Apple has been successful in revolutionizing the entire segment and driving the change that other electronic brands have been following ever since.


Here’s a film that aptly describes the brand philosophy and underlines the usage of minimalism:


Apple Wonderful Tools– simplifying the world of Apple offerings into one lucid film.


Introducing iPhone 11 Pro – Apple nailing the product launch videos like always.


It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that minimalism has been a business strategy for Apple in more ways than one. Right from a statement packaging of their gadgets that effectively translates the brand’s minimalism, to the striking product launches and product videos; Apple seems to have nailed it. While their products have innovated with time, their brand imagery has remained iconic and powerful. It is truly fascinating that a brand has been able to navigate a long journey keeping simplistic sophistication as its core.


Inspired enough? Well the next time a brief lands on your desk, chant the mantra of ‘Less is More’ and use the magic of minimalism to create a maximum impact!

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