Its an era of advanced digital where smartphones are capable of clicking award worthy photos. People no longer find the need to buy a DSLR or a professional camera. Though very few know the difference between the two. I click a lot of photos, so much, that I have a memory log of 13000 photos on my phone.


I realised a lot of these photos end up circulating between apps and they look beautiful when viewed on screen. But I wondered what the images would look like when i get them printed I got this idea when I saw an apple iphone hoarding which had *Shot on Iphone written at the bottom*. My ego at stake, felt even i should to do it. “oh yes, my 24 megapixel phone is baap of all”. But of course on a smaller scale A4 size, incase if i fall flat on my face.


In this transit i learnt 2 things:

1. Photos that appear on your phone will not look the same when printed
2. Photos clicked on a specific phone when transferred via whatsapp loses its quality by 90%


You will first have to transfer your phone photos (non whatsapp ones) to your PC or Laptop. Most digital camera photos lack proper light exposure especially the ones shot in the night. These photos would need some touch up with contrast & brightness. Get a sample print and once satisfied you can go ahead in printing your most favourite captured moment/memory.


Kaboosh! you can now brag about this knowledge.

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