In this digital era, social media is like a battlefield where brands (Kings and Queens) clash with their massive armies and dynamic brand strategies to protect or increase their number of followers (subjects). Brands are in continuous pursuit of increasing brand awareness (expanding their territories) to boost their sales.In the race to conquer the digital battlefield, the latest weapon in the arsenal for brands is Moment Marketing. Brands are cashing in on memorable moments which consumers are talking about across digital platforms. By becoming reactive to the events and happenings in the offline world, brands are leveraging these with their audiences online.

Let’s take this ‘moment’ to identify the top few moment marketing examples by brands in 2019.


1. When brands went bananas
Bollywood actor Rahul Bose went online to showcase a bill of Rs 442.50 which was the price that he paid for 2 bananas at his stay at JW Marriot Hotel in Chandigarh. However, JW Marriot did pay the price for it as brands joined the conversation with what they have to offer under Rs 442.50.



2. When brands boarded the Dhing Express

The track and field sensation, Hima Das, proved her mettle in July 2019 as she lapped up 5 gold medals in just 20 days. It was only a matter of time before brands celebrated her feat in their unique ways online.

Such was the impact of Hima Das’ golden run that the sports giant Adidas signed up an endorsement deal with her.



3. When brands take the sacred approach

If “Kabhi kabhi lagta hai, apunich bhagwan hai.” was the highlight of Sacred Games Season 1, “Balidaan dena hoga!” was the rage in its Season 2. Brands were quick and quirky to participate in the moment marketing game.

4. When brands had a successful lift-off
When ISRO’s Chandrayaan-2 was launched to explore the south pole of the moon, many brands took to social media to acknowledge this feat.
5. When brands become Pros:
iPhone Pro 11’s triple camera was clearly one of the most talked about moment of 2019. Brands were quick to give it their unique angle.

By no means is this a conclusive list of the top examples of moment marketing in 2019 since this year has been a busy one as far as trending moments are concerned. Thank god for moment marketing, brands have an additional cost-effective arsenal in their armour to break through the digital clutter across digital media platforms.


As they say, ‘Every moment matters.’

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